Cultural Books for Autumn

Ningwakwe Learning Press has published a few books about this time of year. Falling leaves, crisp breezes and warm sweaters mark the fall season. But traditionally, there is also a lot of work associated with this time of year. Gathering food and wood for the coming cold winter was high on the list of things our ancestors had to do to survive.

Harvesting by Edmund Metatawabin is a story about the Mushkegowuk of western James Bay. It’s a fictional story about a young man struggling in his personal life. He reluctantly goes out on the land with a mentor who teaches him about fishing, hunting, gathering and reading the landscape. The photos and information provides the reader with harvesting tips that they can follow and use, like, building a fishing weir, tracking animals, moose and goose hunting, and gathering berries.

Haudenoshonee Thanksgiving: Arts and Crafts by Jameson Brant

The Haudenoshonee People of the Longhouse (also known as Iroquois) speak of the Thanksgiving address which is really a story of creation. They are taught to open and close any gathering by taking time to give thanks and reflect on creation. The Thanksgiving address talks about everything on the earth, in the sky, and in the life that exists beyond. This beautiful book features cultural teachings, unique images and artwork alongside hands-on arts and crafts instruction.

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For all of these things He thought of, these different beings all over the earth, in the sky and into the heavens, living together and in peace, we give thanks to the Creator himself. We give thanks that He would think of all these things, in order to make a life where all these beings can live, enjoy, learn and grow together, bringing forth and continuing life. While we are here on Earth, this is the way it should be in our minds.
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